For my Media Arts & Design Capstone Colloquium, I decided to produce a project that would allow me to explore the brand identity of a city I love, through a creative and strategic mockup of its signature logo. The project goes beyond a simple logo creation, and instead is a study of the various creative ways in which it can be used to communicate why one should visit Chicago, what about its identity makes it unique, and a study of its aesthetic evolution in the arts, music, and architecture. Projects included a fun, dynamic logo I found representative of the city, an exploration of its print and merchandise uses, and an imagination of its possible web applications.


Chicago is a city known by several names: “The Windy City”, “Chi-Town”, or “Second City”, to name a few. However, Chicago is a city second to none. Its popular nickname describes its past, the Great Chicago Fire being the catalyst for its cultural rebirth in the arts, music, and notably the architecture of its signature skyline. The logo is inspired by Chicago’s past and present, its signature constants yet artistic evolution, in that most of its uses are dynamic rather than static, promoting recognizability yet still open to change.


Clothing, accessories, souvenirs, etc. increase visibility of the city's brand identity beyond its own borders as travelers display it around the world with pride.


An interactive app encourages users to create their own chicaGO logo and engage with the visual identity under a set of guidelines, such as using pictures of their own as a color palette in accordance to graphic element sets. Sponsored by the Art Institute of Chicago, the MCA Chicago, or the Chicago Cultural Center, the app intends to also incorporate the actual citizens of Chicago into the evolution of its image.


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