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Welcome to The Met!

Edited and directed a video commissioned by Human Resources to present an overview of the Museum and the many departments that work together to make up The Met. The goal was to feature a warm and welcoming voiceover that would provide information to help new hires get a sense of the size and scope of all the fantastic work being done. Music was chosen to create an energetic feeling for the video, and stylized titles over beautiful imagery to engage viewers. Video consisted entirely of found footage I gathered from The Met's video archives, with the exception of the hero jib crane shot I directed on the Fifth Avenue Plaza of Met staff waving in front of the iconic facade, featured in the video's finale.

Production Credits:

Chief Digital Officer: Douglas Hegley

Executive Producer: Sarah Wambold

Senior Producer: Ann Collins

Jib Camera Operator: Kelly Richardson

Music: John Williams

Editor: Lela Jenkins

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