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Lela Jenkins

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Lela Jenkins is a digital content creator and film photographer working at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on their Media Production team. Professionally, her goal is to produce videos that make art and artists accessible to a diverse range of audiences. Artistically, her goal is to make visible people, places, and moments which are in the process of changing or disappearing, working primarily in out-of-date and analog formats.


She graduated from the University of Chicago with a Bachelor's in Art History and is currently pursuing her Master's in Media Studies at The New School. She is originally from Athens, Georgia and now lives in and is inspired by Harlem. She is also inspired by her mother, artist and art professor Stefanie Jackson, who instilled a love of all forms of art, music, and the humanities from a very young age.


University of Chicago, B.A. Art History, Media Arts & Design

The New School, M.A. Media Studies

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