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Digital Content Creator


Connecting diverse audiences with the arts through digital media storytelling. Passionate about making art approachable, highlighting underrepresented perspectives, and finding new ways to tell unexpected stories in the virtual media space.

Graduated with a degree in Art History and Media Arts & Design from the University of Chicago. Strong background in creative marketing, social media strategy, video production, and web content management. I take pride in having a diverse, interdisciplinary range of experience, as well as a never-ending curiosity for multimedia design technologies.

Specialties: Adobe Creative Suite • Multimedia Production • Digital Media Marketing • Photography/Videography • Figma • Sitecore • Sprinklr • NetBase • Art Direction • Fine Arts • Media Aesthetics • Communication • Collaboration • Empathy • Organization • Time Management • Adaptability • Self-Motivated • Detail-Oriented • Storytelling


University of Chicago

Art History, Media Arts & Design

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